Dustin LaValley

Dustin LaValley metal horror author
Dustin LaValley is a multiple award-winning author of dark, genre-crossing fiction. Born in upstate New York to a corrections officer and nurse, LaValley was raised in a foster home with his two birth sisters and two adopted brothers surrounded by ten to twelve older boys at any given time. As a teenager, he was involved with boxing and BMX. He rode professionally for a short period before falling ill to Ulcerative Colitis and Colon Cancer. As an adult, he has had several surgeries including the total removal of his large intestine. ¬†LaValley is heavily influenced by the hardcore and heavy metal music scene, which is prominent in many of his works. He has been unofficially titled, “The Lone Wolf” and “The Fugazi meets Henry Rollins of Fiction” for his aggressive DIY anti-corporate, self-promotion and strong nature towards unity and togetherness within the independent presses. Outside of his writing, he is well known for extensive tattoos that cover his entire back and arms. Dustin LaValley is the author of the books Lowlife Underdogs, Lawson Vs. LaValley, A Child’s Guide to Death, Spinner, and The Deceived. Although his work is classified as dark fiction, it conforms to no one label or genre and has set itself aside from peers as pushing the boundaries of what is known as formula and format. Crisscrossing and interweaving between literary, experiential, horror, thriller and alternative adult fiction, LaValley’s work is a genre in itself.