ORKNEY ISLANDS, 1797 – Agnes Tulloch feels a little cheated. This windswept place is not the island paradise her husband promised it to be when they wed. Now with four young children, she struggles to provide for her family while her husband grows increasingly distant.

When a stranger comes ashore to rent an abandoned cottage, Agnes and the other islanders are abuzz with curiosity. Who is this wealthy foreigner and why on earth would he come to Eynhallow? Her curiosity is soon replaced with vexation when her husband hires her out as cook and washerwoman, leaving Agnes with no say in the matter. Agnes begrudgingly befriends this aristocrat-in-exile; a mercurial scientist who toils night and day on some secret pursuit. Despite herself, she’s drawn to his dark, brooding charm. And who is this Byronic stranger sweeping Agnes off her feet? His name is Frankenstein and he’s come to this remote isle to fulfill a monstrous obligation.

What They’re Saying

“This beautifully written story expands masterfully on Mary Shelley’s classic tale while comfortably standing on its own and adds a unique spin that will keep readers glued to the pages. The novel boasts near-perfect pacing, compelling voices, and spine-tingling thrills that almost vibrate on the page. It’s a true onslaught to the senses and will thrill readers.”—Library Journal starred review

“Told exclusively through Agnes’ strong narrative voice, readers are immersed in the plot and the place, even before Frankenstein arrives, but as Agnes gets to know her employer better, the tension, unease, and danger build…An excellent example of the very best of the popular historical and retelling horror tropes.”—Booklist starred review

“Brilliant. An exquisitely crafted, beguiling gothic tale. Richly atmospheric with gorgeous prose and an unforgettable heroine. A gift to monster lovers everywhere, Eynhallow is a new classic.” Rachel Harrison, national bestselling author of Cackle and Black Sheep

“The horror of Eynhallow is akin to a Gothic hurricane, a gale-force tour de force battering our bookshelves. Tim McGregor’s exquisite descriptions peel right off the page with such a persistent chill, such haunting intensity, you’ll swear you’ve been swept up into this tempest of a novel and spat back out again. Pray it makes landfall near you.” Clay McLeod Chapman, author of What Kind of Mother and Ghost Eaters 

Remarkably immersive and compelling, Tim McGregor has grafted something truly unexpected and haunting from the sinew of Mary Shelley’s venerated classic, Frankenstein. Eynhallow is masterful and exquisitely written with a vision wholly unique to its tar-black soul.” Eric LaRocca, author of Everything the Darkness Eats 

“McGregor’s masterful prose shines through here. Every single sentence is a highlight and told through a razor sharp sense for a cinematic experience.”—Steve Stred

“An inspired follow-up to Mary Shelley’s iconic classic, Eynhallow is perfect for fans of historical horror who love to ask the question ‘what if?’ about classic literature. An absolute must for your reading list.” —Gwendolyn Kiste, Lambda Literary and Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Reluctant Immortals and The Rust Maidens