Launch Day: The Fourth Whore

We are excited to unleash The Fourth Whore onto the world!

While the title may be a bit shocking you can be sure we’re not slinging words lightly. In fact, EV Knight has said it is an attempt to reclaim the word whore and you can read her essay on the topic over at Ink Heist, “I wanted the book to stand out and say something. I wanted to be a warrior for women and I wanted the book to take the reader’s breath away with its horror and its strong female characters. I needed the buyer to know what they were getting into when they picked up the book.”

This debut novel is packed with meaning, lore, cultural critique and more, so we’ve been fascinated to see how reviewers feel about this one. Thanks to the Nightworms choosing this for their club’s “book party” group read there’s been plenty of feedback and photos.

To find the reviews and photos search the hashtag #nightwormsfourthwhore on Instagram.

Our copies are in stock and shipping, order now!

We would also like to invite you to our online launch party Saturday, March 28 4-6 EST. There is a free portion and a ticketed VIP session. You will need to claim a ticket to attend, even if it’s just for the free portion.

EV Knight book launch graphic with intense burning eyes


Here are a few quotes from reviewers

“Have you ever picked up a book without knowing too much about it, only to discover that it was exactly what you were looking for? THE FOURTH WHORE is that for me right now…The language Knight uses throughout is so rich and lush that the gritty environments become almost real. This ability to create something so vivid from the words on a page transport the reader from the tougher neighborhoods of Detroit where Kenzi fights for something better, to the beautiful Garden from which Lilith is banished, creating the catalyst for the horrors to come.”—Let’s Get Galactic

“This story is deep and poetic. It’s powerful. It’s moving. This is a story everyone should read not just scorned women! EV Knight found the core of her central energy and turned it into a radiating light straight from the depths of Hell.”—Kami’s Korner

“EV Knight’s powerful debut novel offers up a poignant story of revenge through a strong feminist lens. Within, we dive into horror that does not shy away from taking its readers on a twisted journey into darkness. Knight pulls from myth, religion, history, and current times of upheaval to craft an important story that will stick with you. I cannot wait to see what this author does next!”
—Sarah Tantlinger, Bram Stoker Award winning poet

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