Anybody seen a stranger around here?

I just finished reading D. Harlan Wilson’s Stranger on the Loose and I was very impressed. I will be writing an ‘official’ review for the The Dream People but in the meantime I have to say that it’s refreshing to read someone who is just doing their own thing and doing it well. There’s nothing quite like the brain-bending Wilson’s stories put you through. It’s not horror but it’s horrifying. It’s not fantasy or sci-fi but it’s certainly out of this world.

What I like best about Wilson’s work are the wacky little details that are like buried treasure-landmines in his stories. A famed director who did a film version of The Beastie Boys song Egg Raid on Mojo for instance. Or a goosestepping reindeer. And the names are so great! Like the squeamish doctor whose name is Dr. Ickling. A housewife named Mrs. Gonnagitcha. Movie star Fang Fadora. The more preposterous the premise of the story, the more outlandish the names of the characters. And then the things these people do! Totally uncalled for and ridiculous. Stranger on the Loose really cracked me up.

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