Oh to be a blurble

Ok, I have to admit I stole that title from an email Mike Arnzen sent. It’s a great title! It turns out Mike managed to get a quote from Tom Monteleone for 100 Jolts. Check it out…

“Simply stated, there’s nothing like this collection of ultra-short fiction. Arnzen continually impressed me with his punchy narrative style and endless images of grue, gore, and gristle. An evening with this book will leave you feeling you’ve been gutted like a dead fish and hung out to dry.” -Tom Monteleone, The Mothers and Fathers Italian Association

I’m glad to see other people enjoy 100 Jolts as much as I did. When Mike first proposed the idea I wasn’t so sure about an entire book of flash fiction. But it’s a cohesive volume that you can really lose youself in.

Plus its great to work with writers who are enthusiastic and proactive. With only a short time left until Jolts goes to press John and I weren’t able to come up with anyone who could do a speedy blurb.

There are still a few blurbs to come in but otherwise everything is done for Jolts. I’ve been fine-tuning the back cover and printing proofs for the past couple days. It’s tricky to get an intersting image on the back but still make sure all those great blurbles are readable.

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