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 Airplane Novel a 2011 Top 10 Indie Release

Airplane NovelUSA Today.com included Airplane Novel in a list of the top 10 indie releases of 2011. Congratulations go to author Paul A. Toth whose unique and powerful novel is among the finest we've published.

See the full list at USA Today.com

 $2.99 eBook sale

eBook sale

We've put more than 15 ebooks for the Kindle and Nook on sale for the holidays. Here's a complete list of titles with links.

 RDSP signs Jason Jack Miller

RDSP is pleased to announce a multi-book deal with author Jason Jack Miller for his Murder Ballads & Whiskey series. The first book to be released, Hellbender, will come out in March 2012 with The Devil and Preston Black to follow at the end of the year.

Jason Jack Miller hails from Fayette County, Pennsylvania, as in, "Circus freaks, temptation and the Fayette County Fair," made famous by The Clarks in the song, "Cigarette."  He is a writer, photographer and musician who has been hassled by cops in Canada, Mexico and the Czech Republic. An outdoor travel guide he co-authored with his wife in 2006 jumpstarted his freelancing career; his work has since appeared in newspapers, magazines, literary journals, online, and as part of a travel guide app for mobile phones. He is currently writing and recording the soundtrack to his novel, The Devil and Preston Black. Find him at http://jasonjackmiller.blogspot.com.  Tweet him @jasonjackmiller.

 Pre-Order The Gorelets Omnibus


The Gorelets Omnibus collects all the bloody little bits of Michael Arnzen's poetry written in the past 10 years into one big volume. From the contents of the original Gorelets chapbook and his classic “refrigerator of the damned” online magnetic poetry experiment, to Arnzen's latest flash fiction and brand new Zombie Haikruel series, this collection chronicles his revolutionary vision for the horror short form. He even received a Bram Stoker Award for Alternative Forms for some of the work included in this book. As one of the first writers to recognize the creative capacity of handheld devices, Arnzen's pioneering work to deliver gory entertainment in as few characters as possible is still eminently relevant today. Thus, a “casebook of criticism”—a collection of scholarly analyses of Arnzen’s unique approach to the genre—is included alongside the poetry.

While The Gorelets Omnibus is available in both paperback and hardcover versions, the hardcover edition contains more than 50 pages of must-have bonus material, including:  the hard-to-find Martha Stewart parody, “Michael Arnzen Dying,” additional haikruel you won’t find elsewhere, unfinished poems and pieces no longer available on his website, the "Borelets” parody, and an impressive “horror poetry workshop” of instructional essays by Arnzen on crafting terrifying verse, alongside over 300 “twisted” writing prompts specifically intended to instigate weirdness.

Arnzen’s other books with Raw Dog Screaming include 100 Jolts and Play Dead—soon to be rereleased in paperback and ebook format. 

And be sure to visit the website responsible for it all at http://gorelets.com

 Anthocon 2011

The first ever AnthoCon was a smashing good time. John Edward Lawson and Dustin LaValley debuted their collaboration Lawson vs. LaValley. They particpated in several panels (Psychedelic Fiction, Martial Arts, Minorities in Fiction). And their faux demonstration on fighting zombies was the talk of the weekend.

Dustin LaValley Receives Hiram Award

During the Anthcon awards ceremony Dustin LaValley
received the Hiram Award for Collegiate Fiction

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 Now Available

Fringe fiction authors John Edward Lawson and Dustin LaValley battle to the death in order to establish supremacy of the indie publishing scene. LaValley, a martial arts instructor, lurks in one corner. Opposing him is the behemothic Lawson, and between the two lay the corpses of readers, reviewers, and the heedless literary elite. What force can stop them in time to save mankind?


 New Issue of The Dream People Online

The Dream People

The new issue of The Dream People is now online. It includes excellent fiction from Lofton Gitt, Cat Rambo, A.J. French, Van Aaron Hughes and Rich Ives. It also features and excerpt from Go Love and Airplane Novel.

 Michael GIlls & Go Love

Michael GillsCongratulations to Michael Gills whose story"Leviathan: Monster of the Deep" received The South Million Writers Award for Notable Stories of 2010.

Read the story.

See the awards list.

The Dream People

 PEN Oakland Awards this month

The 21st Annual PEN Oakland-Josephine Miles National Literary Awards will take place on Saturday, December 10, 2011, at the Oakland Public Library, Rockridge Branch, 5366 College Avenue from 2 to 5 p.m. The ceremony, which will be followed by a reception and book signings, is free and open to the public.


Dec 10 • 2pm
PEN Oakland Awards
Eric Miles Williamson
Oakland Public Library
5366 College Avenue

Feb 29-Mar 3, 2012
AWP 2012
Lance Olsen, D. Harlan Wilson, Michael Gills
Chicago, Illinois
Hilton Chicago & Palmer House Hilton


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