2008 HorrorFind 10

HorrorFind just seems to get better for us every time. This year was legendary! The RDSP readings were legendary and won’t soon be forgotten. With 7 authors performing (Ronald Damien Malfi, Donna Lynch, Adam Golaski, D. Harlan Wilson, Matthew Warner, John Edward Lawson & Michael Arnzen) there was a little something for everyone.

We debuted 3 books; Isabel Burning, Blankety Blank and Horror Isn’t a 4-Letter Word. Our traditional 6-foot Sub/Mayhem party was the biggest yet and celebrating RDSP’s 5-year Anniversary with so many of our authors was truly a blast.

Donna Lynch, Steven Archer, Darrin Malfi, Ron Malfi, Ken & Laurie,
Tracy & Slash at the RDSP readings


Aren’t child labor laws supposed to prevent this kind of thing?


Jennifer, D. Harlan Wilson, Dustin LaValley & Matt at the RDSP party


The partying poets and Adam Golaski (far right)


John Edward Lawson & Michael A. Arnzen


Donna (far right) tells her friends about how scary the readings were


Count Gore De Vol congratulates John on RDSP’s 5 years in business




Steven vs. Stephen in a “Window Takes All” match


I’m telling you, the party was FUN!


The 6-foot sub didn’t stand a chance this year!


Elizabeth Monteleon with Tim Morris (star of Dismal)


Nathan Rosen, Deena Warner, Norman Prentiss & Matt Warner


Darin Malfi, Jennifer Barnes, Matt Warner, D. Harlan WIlson, Ron Malfi


Photos below courtesy Renate Arnzen

Hey! Who invited the crab?

Arnzen visits Poe’s grave

Donna Lynch, Mike Arnzen, Jennifer Barnes

OtherDimensional Mike & D. Harlan