Frantically trying to pull things together for the Halloween issue of The Dream People thanks to last-minute contributions from knowing_carrion and darren_speegle we’ve pretty much got the contents set. Though we could use one or two more dark poems. The main thing missing is art. I guess it will all come together in the end, […]

The Bare Bone fund

Bare Bone #6 will be available in October but unfortunately #5 didn’t sell as well as we’d hoped. We’ve been working on ways to make sure we’ll be able to continue putting Bare Bone out and have started selling a few ads in the back of the book. This will at least help offset the […]

Dos Reviews

Just got in an excellent review from Nancy Jackson, aka horrordiva, for Everybody Scream!. As far as I know it’s the first one and it will appear on 4 different sites. The first place it will go up is Dream Forge but it will also be in The Midwest Book Review, Gothic Revue and The […]

We need to have a chat

We’re pretty close to getting all the details worked out for another chat on The first one, with John as the guest, was a big success and a really good time. Those people come up with the best questions and really research their topics! So it’s going to be Mike Arnzen and (hopefully) Darren […]

I’ve been working on the layout for Play Dead and have been having lots of fun with pips; hearts, diamonds, spades & clubs. I should have a draft pretty soon to send to Mike. We’ve also been working on setting up an interview for Jeffrey Thomas with Dark Discoveries magazine. We wanted set up as […]

Everybody Scream! was on the Shocklines bestseller list last week and this week too. The Fall of Never is number one over at Project Pulp even though it is only a pre-order. Too cool! We got the information for a distribution company yesterday which we would need if we did an offset print run for […]

Approaching a small press publisher

Somebody recently asked for our advice on how to approach publishers which got me thinking. I can only speak about the small press but after being on the publishing side for a little while this is how I would do it: Each press is an individual case so the best thing to do is research […]

I made some much needed but minor updates to the web site yesterday. Plus I did the recommend thing for Everybody Scream! on If anyone wants to go and recommend the book themselves the ISBN is 0974503142. Choose a book you think matches Jeff Thomas’ style and put the ISBN in the blank next […]


Yesterday we met up with Jon S., the business half of Z. Malice, to pick up another batch of special editions. We had a great lunch chatting with Jon and Nadine about future projects and how Z. Malice got started. It’s always fun meeting people instead of doing everything through email. The special editions have […]

People seem to really like the What Shocks You? quiz for 100 Jolts. It might be the most entertaining one so far. If you haven’t taken it yet, here’s the link again: Personal disappointments have put a damper on a lot of things for us lately and it’s been hard to keep up with […]

New quiz in town

I finally got the 100 Jolts quiz up. WHAT SHOCKS YOU? Here’s my results: ALLIGATOR CLAMPS – OK, now YOU’RE shocking US. You derive too much enjoyment from the grotesque. Morbid freaks like you deserve 100 JOLTS posthaste! For more info on this book visit Home What shocks you? brought to you by Quizilla Go […]


I forgot to mention yesterday who would be participating in the Horror of Writing workshop; Brian Keene, Douglas Winter, Matthew Warner. Ronald Damien Malfi (brotherrabbit) and John Edward Lawson. One thing I found very interesting at the Women of Horror mass signing was how often promotion came up. The signing was actually part of a […]

Mark your calendars

The details for our event at the Annapolis Barnes & Noble have finally been decided. The Horror of Writing, The Thrill of Success & Failure: A Workshop on Horror Fiction & the Writing Life Barnes & Noble in Annapolis Harbor Shopping Center 2512 Solomons Island Rd, (410) 573-1115 Thursday October 14th, 7 pm The format […]

Persephone shines

The Women of Persephone mass signing was great. Each of the women had a lot to say about writing, horror and life in general. Barbara Ferrenz kept the discussion going with lots of thought-provoking topics. I was particularly interested in Tina Jens’ comments about how horror helps us cope with life, deal with fear and […]

I’ve been spending a lot of time scoping out printer’s websites and getting estimates for both the custom playing cards and for possibly doing Play Dead as an offset title. It’s exciting but at the same time scary because I know it’s going to be a lot of money up front. Just how much still […]

Guerilla Marketing vs. Chimpanzee Marketing

posted by rdsp Yes, it’s been a while since I outlined promo techniques for publishers and authors. But I return from the book wars with new and improved methods of attack to share with you. Behold: * — Who could turn down free exposure to thousands of online viewers? And, at it’s cheapest ($10), […]


Today I’m going to try not to be so controversial. Usually it’s John who causes all the ruckus. There is an absolutely KILLER review of Bare Bone #5 up at Horror-web. Read it if you dare. Any review that starts out, “Damn that crew at Raw Dog Screaming Press, Damn them all!” is tops in […]

Decisions, decisions

As usual the con stirred up quite a hell-storm of possibilities. RDSP could go in a lot of directions from here and it’s hard to know which way to turn. One thing that we’ve heard from some other publishers is that you need to release a lot of titles. Apparently we can even get a […]

The biggest surprise of Horrorfind was meeting Alyssa Sturgill. I had no idea that she was coming and when she came up to the table I thought she had the coolest dress on but I had no idea it was her. We’ve published several wild stories by her in The Dream People so it was […]

I know you all have been anxiously awaiting more dirt on HF and I have been frantically working on getting pics online. I swear it really has taken the whole day to get this one page done. Here are the PHOTOS. I have to give a special shout out to blindsidepubs for the awesome pics […]

Horror Found

So we’ve been back from HF for a few hours now but we’ve still got that darkly luscious stink on us. Spent too much time trying to make the sales sheet match up with the copies we brought home and the cash we had. It’s been a bit like trying to force your own hand […]

I remember last year at Horrorfind the hotel didn’t allow people to put anything up on the walls which sucks because I could have made some great posters, especially for Dirge. Instead I spent most of yesterday coming up with a 3-sided triangular stand alone piece. It’s not as big as a poster but I […]


Horrorfind is only a few short days away so things have been a bit hectic trying to get ready. I’ve already packed up all the books we’re taking and made up a price list. I spent too much time making the price list look pretty but this is the nicest looking price list we’ve ever […]

Stress Toy

I was talking to John last night and I asked him if he thought I’d been more unhappy since we started the press. It might seem silly to have to ask someone else but it’s hard to get perspective on something like that because when you’re frustrated everything looks bleak and when you’re elated everything […]

Beavers give a dam

OK, so I finally got something DONE over the weekend. The Fall of Never interior layout is complete! I’m still working on the cover though. Also the new issue of The Dream People is now up. Struggles with the computer continue. I’ve now conquered the PDF problem and re-enslaved the cd writer to do my […]