2006 HorrorFind

HorrorFind 2006 was possibly the best convention for us yet. The Eyes Everywhere debut party was a huge success and a lot of fun. Winners for the “Look for Me” contest were drawn. Thanks to Laurie Campbell for drawing the names and Mark Justice for announcing the winners.

Matthew Warner’s launch party for Eyes Everywhere
Laurie Campbell draws contest winners’ names; Deena Warner assists 
Laurie Campbell draws a name, Matthew Warner shows off his hologram eyeball glasses, and Mark Justice examines the eyeball whoopie cushion consolation prize
We finally got to meet Dustin LaValley, who has been helping out RDSP since the beginning.

John Edward Lawson and Dustin LaValley
Ronald Damien Malfi and Dustin LaValley
Matt and John kept things entertaining with their readings.

Matthew Warner and Frazer Lee
And the sales of RDSP books in the dealer’s room were better than ever!