May 17-19 2013

Being an editor guest at the Pennwriters Conference was an amazing experience. The format provided lots of different ways to interact with the authors including blind pitches, 15 minute question sessions where authors could ask advice on anything from business to craft, traditional pitches and a read-and-critique on the the fly. I was very impressed with how prepared the Pennwriters were, even the ones who were pitching for the first time. I also found it energizing to talk with them, they had great questions and ideas. All the speakers I heard were excellent and I learned quite a bit from them. Hats off to Jess Williams for coordinating an event that covered all the (now myriad) routes to publication and gave attendees many chances to interact with publishing professionals.

Matt Betts, John Edward Lawson, Heidi Ruby Miller, Jason Jack Miller, Joseph Crawford


Tmons Esais, John Edward Lawson, Matt Betts, Jason Jack Miller, Heidi Ruby Miller, Jonathan Maberry, Jeinnifer Barnes

Heidi Ruby Miller gave a talk on 50 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block


Heidi Ruby Miller, Jason Jack Miller

Matt Betts in the WIP M.D.


John Edward Lawson, Heidi Ruby Miller, Jason Jack Miller, Jennifer Barnes, Jess Williams


Matt Betts, John Edward Lawson at the Luau


John Edward Lawson, Jennifer Barnes, Jason Jack Miller Joseph Crawford, Heidi Ruby Miller


Heidi Ruby Miller and Jason Jack Miller at the keynote address