Jason Jack Miller’s Keynote Speech for Pennwriters

Saturday, May 18 • Pennwriters 2019 Conference, Pittsburgh Airport Marriott

The Pennwriters asked Jason Jack Miller to be the keynote speaker for their 2019 conference so he came with a few points to make about being a writer. Jason has never been afraid of a fight. He fights to bring authenticity to the page, fights for issues he’s passionate about, fights to make a career in the arts possible for not just himself and his peers but for the next generation as well.

“Writers make wizards fight dragons.”

Miller showed up at Pennwriters ready to duke it out, or more to the point demonstrate how authors create battles with zombies and robots and dragons to do more than just entertain the reader. Judging from the online reception he left the crowd pumped up to go straight from the luncheon and write all the words. He posed a simple question, “What do writers make?” If you’re a writer maybe someone has made this seemingly harmless inquiry of you, casually, in passing. But the answer is far from simple and Miller covered it eloquently.

You can view his speech What Writers Make