ReaderCon 2018

ReaderCon, July 12-15 • Quincy, MA

ReaderCon this year was a fun time. John Edward Lawson attended as an author and as a publisher so it was fitting that he was on the panel about editors who are write and writers who edit. He also got to be part of the Poetry Death Match panel (no poets were actually harmed in the event). On this panel poets had to versify on the fly. They were given a person, place and thing, all suggested by the audience, and had to come up with an opus in 2 minutes. Needless to say there were mixed results!

We got to catch up with two of our favorite presses, Rosarium and Pink Narcissus, both of which had tables in the massive dealers room. We even had time for a quick side trip to see the birthplace of Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams and visit the first Presidential library.