Women in Horror Panel at Ukazoo Books

April 26th • Ukazoo Books, Towson, MD

Our Women in Horror panel was a long time in the making but I think it turned out to be one of the best panels I’ve ever attended. Special thanks goes to Ukazoo Books for their help in making the event happen, despite a post-ponement due to weather, and also for making us feel so welcome.


Donna Lynch, Deena Warner, Jessica McHugh, Damien Angelica Walters, Andrea Marie (not pictured moderator Stephanie Wytovich)

Every panelist had incredible, thoughtful insights to share and, though the issue is quite complex and thorny, I felt as though progress was actually being made. I’m proud and honored to know all these women and have a great respect for everything they’ve achieved.

Many excellent points were made and important experiences were shared. It would be impossible to cover all of that here so I’ll just summarize a few ways to try to effect change.

Things to do to support gender equality in the arts

  • When you read a great book by a woman (or experience any great art by a woman) make sure to spread the word, whether by doing a review or mentioning it to a friend, word of mouth is crucial
  • If you see a list of best authors that does not include women, make suggestions or recommendations of female authors that would fit that list
  • Seek art outside the mainstream, the independent music, movie, book and arts movements provide more freedom and therefore often more opportunities for women
  • If you believe in gender equality it is important to identify yourself as a feminist to combat the idea that feminism means man-hating or extreme ideas rather than a belief in equality
  • Consider reading outside of your comfort zone, while it takes extra effort there are great rewards to getting another perspective
  • If you are a woman working in horror know that you are a role model by default even if you are just doing what you love, you can effect change simply by being open and sharing what you are doing