Ladies and Other Vicious Creatures

by Donna Lynch
  • $12 Paperback
    ISBN: 000-0-000000-00-0
  • International

In this new collection of poetry Lynch pays homage to her muses and explores their dark beauty. Whether victims or victors, scarred or unblemished, she casts light on all their qualities; their shameful purity and their endearingly vile ways. With a scavenger’s eye for treasure she reveals tantalizing possibilities glimpsed briefly. And for a short time the muse peers back at us both from familiar faces and strange ones: captivating, terrible and awe-inspiring.

This is a signed chapbook limited to only 250 copies. Each copy contains a sampler CDR of songs by Lynch’s band Ego Likeness (Metropolis Records), as well as previously unreleased spoken word material. It also features illustrations from artist Steven Archer.