2022 Publishing Schedule is Tentative & Subject to Change

Here is the current lineup of releases for 2022. We will be updating with release dates and more links as the year progresses.

Writing in the Dark: The Workbook by Tim Waggoner • May 25

Blood Mountain by Brenda S. Tolian • June 8

The Ghost That Ate Us by Daniel Kraus • July 12

Girls From the County by Donna Lynch • August 25

Chasing Whispers by Eugen Bacon • September 8

Crime Scene by Cynthia Pelayo • October 13

Writing Poetry in the Dark edited by Stephanie M. Wytovich • October 18

New Harmony by Michael Gills • November 15

2021 Publishing Schedule 

Red Gear 9 by Matt Betts • January 21

There Comes a Midnight Hour by Gary Braunbeck • March 9

100 Poems by Till Lindemann • May 6

Finisterre by Michael Gills • May 26

Like Sunshine After Rain edited by Heidi Ruby Miller • July 24

Steel Justice by J.L. Gribble • July 28

Children of Demeter by EV Knight • August 5

Monstrum Poetica (poetry) by Jezzy Wolfe • September 2

Exposed Nerves (poetry) by Lucy A. Snyder • September 28

On the Hierophant Road by James Chambers • October 14

Attack from the 80s edited by Eugene Johnson • November 9

2020 Publishing Schedule

The Fourth Whore by EV Knight • March 25

A Collection of Dreamscapes by Christina Sng • April 16

Temporary Planets for Transitory Days (poetry) by Albert Wendland • June 27

Steel Victory (rerelease) by J.L. Gribble • July 15

Writing in the Dark (nonfiction) by Tim Waggoner • September 16

Halloween Season by Lucy A. Snyder • October 5

Blood of the Sun, The Path of Ra Book 3 by Dan Rabarts & Lee Murray • November 4

Outré by D. Harlan Wilson • November 18

The Masque of the Red Death” illustrated by Steven Archer • December 9

2019 Publishing Schedule

West by Michael Gills, third book in the Go Love Quartet • March 27

Choking Back the Devil by Donna Lynch, a poetry collection • July 17

Steel Shadows by J.L. Gribble, Book Five of the Steel Empires Series • August 8

On the Night Border by James Chambers, a horror-themed short story collection • September 12

The Apocalyptic Mannequin by Stephanie M. Wytovich, a poetry collection • September 26

2018 Publishing Schedule

Cries From the Static by Darren Speegle • January 31

All Saints by Jason Jack Miller • February 14

Witches by Donna Lynch • March 6

The Boogeyman’s Intern by Matt Betts • June 1

Nightly Owl, Fatal Raven by Jessica McHugh • June 15

In a Suspect Universe by Albert Wendland • August 15

Steel Time by J.L. Gribble • September 6

Teeth of the Wolf by Dan Rabarts & Lee Murray • October 4

Garden of Eldritch Delights by Lucy A. Snyder • October 18

2017 Publishing Schedule

Til Death: Marriage Poems by Janice & James Leach
 • January 26

Emergency Instructions by Michael Gills • June 27

A Collection of Nightmares by Christina Sng • July 14

Hounds of the Underworld by Lee Murray & Dan Rabarts • July 19

Steel Blood (Dog Star Books) by J.L. Gribble • July 26

Sheet Music to My Acoustic Nightmare by Stephanie M. Wytovich
 (poetry) • December

Time is the Longest Distance by Larry Fondation • December

RDSP20162016 Publishing Schedule

Starrie (Dog Star Books) by Heidi Ruby Miller • March 11

Underwater Fistfight by Matt Betts (poetry) • April 5

The Curiosity Killers (Dog Star Books) by K.W. Taylor May 5

Brothel by poetry by Stephanie Wytovich • May 19

Stolen Away by Kristin Dearborn • June 24

Steel Magic (Dog Star Books) by J.L. Gribble  • July 6

Poems of My Night poetry by Cynthia Pelayo • August

City Ash and Desert Bones  (Dog Star Books) by Laurel Myler  • September 21

Battle Without Honor or Humanity Vol. 2 by D. Harlan Wilson • September 28

Snowed by Maria Alexander • November 2

A Congregation of Jackals by S. Craig Zahler • December 28

RDSP20152015 Publishing Schedule

The Valley of Happiness by George Williams • March 3

An Exorcism of Angels poetry by Stephanie Wytovich • May 26

On Quiet Nights poetry by Till Lindemann • June 9

Steel Victory (Dog Star Books) by J.L. Gribble • June 25

Indelible Ink (Dog Star Books) by Matt Betts • July

The Underside of the Rainbow poetry by B.E. Burkhead • July

Battle Without Honor or Humanity Vol. 1 by D. Harlan Wilson • September

All the Darkness in the World by Andy Deane • October 24

While the Black Stars Burn by Lucy A. Snyder • November

2014 indie publishing schedule2014 Publishing Schedule

Corpus Chrome, Inc. by S. Craig Zahler • January 7th

Hitler: The Terminal Biography by D. Harlan Wilson • February 11

Freud: The Penultimate Biography by D. Harlan Wilson • February 25

Douglass: The Lost Autobiography by D. Harlan Wilson • March 11

Wasteland Blues (Dog Star Books) by Scott Christian Carr & Andrew Conry-Murray • March 20th

Ambasadora Book One Marked by Light (Dog Star Books) by Heidi Ruby Miller • April 8th

Mourning Jewelry poetry by Stephanie Wytovich • May 8th

Embrace the Hideous Immaculate poetry by Chad Hensley • May 15th

The Man Who Loved Alien Landscapes (Dog Star Books) by Albert Wendland • June 24th

Soft Apocalypses by Lucy Snyder • July 23rd

Mr. Wicker by Maria Alexander • September 16th

How to Read (Guide Dog Books) by Eckhard Gerdes • October 1st

Grave Markings by Michael A. Arnzen • October 31st