Halloween Hangover

BN Libbie Place • November 4 & 5

Halloween Hangover was a great way to get one more weekend out of the Halloween Season. With more than 15 fabulous authors in attendance over two days it was controlled chaos of the best kind. We had a fantastic time catching up with old friends like Todd Keisling, RJ Joseph, D. Alexander Ward, Mike Allen, Mary SanGiovanni, Brian Keene, L. Marie Wood and Clay Macleod Chapman but we also got a chance to meet others for the first time like Rachel Harrison, Brian McAuley, Gage Greenwood, Nat Cassidy, Preston Fassel, T. Marie Vandelly, Michael Seidlinger, Donnie Goodman, Preston and Sarah Glenn Marsh. It was especially cool to meet Chance Forshee, The Curator of Horror from the podcast Terrifying Tomes of Terror. The Libbie Place Barnes & Noble was so welcoming and the organizers, James and Tiffany, pulled out all the stops to create and incredible event.