• NOVELLA DEAL: Blood Cypress by Elizabeth Broadbent

    We’re excited to announce we’ve signed a deal with Elizabeth Broadbent to add her story Blood Cypress to our novella line. Managing editor Jennifer Barnes explains, “I’m excited about this addition because I feel there’s still much to explore in the realm of generational horror and the horrors of daily life. Blood Cypress peers into… View Article

  • We Launched a Kickstarter!

    Beyond the Bounds of Infinity is an anthology of cosmic horror that will feature authors from historically underrepresented groups. WHY KICKSTARTER?  This is the first book we’ve attempted to Kickstart and you may be wondering why we chose to go this route. To be brutally honest anthologies are a tough sell, everyone wants to be… View Article

  • COVER REVEAL: On the Subject of Blackberries

    About the Book Welcome to the garden. Here we poison our fruits, pierce ourselves with thorns, and rip off our skin under the light of the full moon. Mad and unhinged, we fall through rabbit holes, walk willingly into fairy rings, and as our hair falls out near the creek out back, we dance in… View Article