How do people ever keep up with their blogs? Most of the blogs I visit people write in every day, sometimes even more than once per day. Somehow I manage to only get something up every week or so. Of course a lot of people’s blogs are peppered with chores they should be doing, chores they’ve done that day, and chores they will soon need to do. Three cheers for chores!

Well RDSP certainly has no shortage of chores that need to be done, a few chores that are done on a daily basis and tons of chores that will soon need doing. For one thing, I am at this very moment updating the RDSP journal. Plus I’ve already typed in 3 pages of Everybody Scream! Last night I started on the layout for Darren Speegle’s book. This morning I finished editing the title story, “A Dirge for the Temporal”, and read through another one titled “Making Sense”. I also did a lot of work picking out fonts for Dirge and working out some fancy story titles. It looks like Rowena with a couple Wood Ornaments for embellishment has won out. I’ve read a bunch of emails but only sent out one to Gary West the Winter Wonderland issue of The Dream People which he edited. Wow, it actually sounds like I accomplished something today…maybe this is why people like to write blogs. I wonder how many RDSP chores John has gotten done today?

Of course there’s still much more work to do. When I get home I’ll likely do some more layout of Dirge and set up the new story titles in the document. I’ll need to correspond with Darren about the editing too. More emails could be written, there are always more emails to be written.

What chores need to be done soon? Well, one thing I really want to get to but haven’t yet is designing a tri-fold catalog with descriptions of all our upcoming books. Plus the hunt must continue for people to blurb Mike Arnzen’s 100 Jolts.

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