Editors Vaughn A. Jackson and Stephanie Pearre have now read all submissions to the Beyond the Bounds of Infinity anthology and made their picks! They had a fantastic crop of stories to choose from and are happy to have been able to give at least one writer their first publication credit. All acceptances and rejections have gone out and contracts have been signed so we can now announce the full table of contents.

Authors previously announced are S.A. Cosby, Jessica McHugh, Mary SanGiovanni and L. Marie Wood. Here are the bios of the newly accepted authors:

Timaeus Bloom (he/him) is a black ex-medievalist turned horror writer from Alabama with an interest in all things creepy and unsettling. An avid reader of speculative fiction since childhood, it wasn’t until the ennui instilled by the COVID pandemic that Tim’s mind veered towards writing his own stories. His first written short, “The Last Sermon of Brother Grime” is upcoming in the anthology Howls from the Wreckage in June of 2023. A strong proponent of using your own experiences to enrich your storytelling, Tim hopes to add his own unique perspective to Weird fiction. He also really loves Cherry Vanilla Coke Zero.

Danny Brzozowski (they/them) grew up feral, between the woods of North Eastern Pennsylvania and the decaying skeletons of industry in Upstate New York. They were dubiously domesticated by the promise of unlimited books at public libraries. As a biology teacher, writer, and grassroots community organizer, Danny’s work reflects a life in dynamic equilibrium between modern empirical science and traditional ways of knowing. Tiny acts of resistance are their self-care. After sampling every biome, they have settled in central Vermont because it feels like home but the weather is better.

Julia Darcey is a queer, disabled writer living in Kenya with her partner and two rescue mutts. She is a previously unpublished writer.

Marnie Desdemona is a self-taught writer who has been honing her craft since her awkward teenage years where she filled up her first novel in a bundle of notebooks. Specializing in the sapphic, surreal, and self-reflecting, she likes to shine a spotlight on the more broken and vulnerable sides of humanity. She is joined in her little home in Virginia by three cats of varying temperance, a very sleepy girlfriend, and one well-worn typewriter.

Cyrus Amelia Fisher writes queer tales of shipwrecks, mycelium, and horrors of the flesh. After years of driving around the United States in a beat-up minivan, they finally returned to the mossy fens of their birth in the Pacific Northwest. Now they while away the hours communing with their fungal hivemind and writing about cannibalism. Naturally, they also love to cook. Find their work at cyrusameliafisher.com or Twitter at @hubristicfool.

Jorja Gosha is a disabled, African American woman whose work has previously appeared under the pen name Bibi Osha in The Dark, A Coup of Owls and Martian.

Christopher Hann’s place of residence is New Zealand – a distant yet charming pair of islands on the far side of the globe He is of Korean descent (a ‘Kiwi-Korean’, so to speak) and hasn’t thought twice about this bias towards horror since reading ‘The Black Cat’ by Poe. 

Pedro Iniguez is a Mexican-American horror and science-fiction writer from Los Angeles, California. He is a Rhysling Award finalist and a Best of the Net and Pushcart nominee. His writing has appeared in Nightmare Magazine, Never Wake: An Anthology of Dream Horror, Shadows Over Main Street Volume 3, A Night of Screams: Latino Horror Stories, Speculative Fiction for Dreamers, Worlds of Possibility, Infinite Constellations, and Star*Line, among others. He can be found at www.pedroiniguezauthor.com.

Ichabod Cassius Kilroy (Ick, to its friends, fans, and haters alike), is a transsexual pile of mostly-real guts that could probably pass the Turing test, were the Turing test given to gutspills rather than to computers. It is a graduate of the 2023 Clarion workshop, enjoyer of iced coffee, and running out of cute little witticisms for this author bio. In case of emergency or boredom, it can be reached at: mx.sickilroy@gmail.com

Chris Nelson is a gay atheist man who grew up in Central Asia with his missionary parents. His other short fiction has appeared in Andromeda Spaceways, Die Laughing: An Anthology of Humorous Mysteries, and Speculative North.

Zachary Rosenberg is a Jewish horror writer living in Florida. His works have been published or are forthcoming in numerous anthologies and publications, including Seize the Press, The Deadlands, and The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. His first and second books, Hungers as Old as this Land, and The Long Shalom are now out from Brigids Gate and Off-Limits Press. Find him on Twitter at @ZachRoseWriter

Rachel Searcey is a filmmaker and writer living in the Florida panhandle with her husband, two children, and three cats (2 black, 1 torti). She’s bi-racial—Indian and white— and has recently ventured into prose after over two decades of producing indie horror films. Rachel loves filmmaking, assembling miniature DIY dollhouses, and jigsaw puzzles with her kids. Her work has been published in Cosmic Horror Monthly, Diet Milk Magazine, Flash Point SF, Aphotic Realm, Dark Void Magazine, and Collage Macabre: An Exhibition of Art Horror. She is working on her first novel. To view Rachel’s films and news on published works, visit agirlandhergoldfish.com

Jessica L. Sparrow writes Gothic fiction, supernatural thrillers, and ethereal poetry that can save or damn your soul. Sparrow’s writing is heavily influenced by her Taino & bruja Puerto Rican roots embodied by the matriarchs in her family. This is evident in her debut Gothic novel, Blood Behind the Walls, a 19thcentury supernatural thriller spiced up with Puerto Rican witchcraft, love, and matriarchal power.

Michelle Tang writes speculative fiction from Canada, where she lives with her husband and children. Her short stories have been published by Cemetery Gates, Escape Pod, and Flame Tree Publishing, among others. When she’s not writing, Michelle enjoys watching horror movies, playing video games, and lurking on social media.

Vicky Velvet is a neurodivergent Hindi trans woman who writes horror, mystery, and occasionally action that combines both of the former. She’s also a poet and digital artist.