For our first cover reveal of 2024 we’re unveiling the artwork created by Lynne Hansen for Asylum, the third book in our novella series, The Selected Papers for the Consortium for the Study of Anomalous Phenomena. “There is something so creepy and yet magical about abandoned spaces like the asylum in Sarah’s book,” said Hansen. “I was so excited to get to create for her story. I became infatuated with the cats that pervade the space, and even included my own cat Chaos amid the colony of feral cats on the cover.” And what does the author think? “I absolutely love the cover! It perfectly conveys the setting of the story. I can almost smell it!” says Sarah Hans. Check out the artwork below and see if you can spot Chaos.


Book Description

Ashleigh and her little family of misfits are on the run, searching for a new home where they can rest and finally get clean. The police hot on their heels, they flee to the abandoned asylum at the top of the mountain, thinking it’s the perfect starting point for their long road to recovery. They’re ready for this. They long for their new life. The asylum is in disrepair with no running water or electricity. It does provide shelter, but maybe they are not alone in seeking it. If only they’d considered that the darkness they had run to might be even more shadowed than the one they were running from.

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About the Artist

Lynne Hansen is a horror artist who specializes in book covers. Her art has appeared on the cover of the legendary Weird Tales Magazine, and she was selected by Bram Stoker’s great-grandnephew to create the cover for the 125th Anniversary Edition of Dracula. Her clients include Valancourt Books, Cemetery Dance Publications, Thunderstorm Books and Raw Dog Screaming Press. She has illustrated works by New York Times bestselling authors including Jonathan Maberry, Brian Keene, and Christopher Golden. Her art has been commissioned and collected throughout the United States and overseas. For more information, visit


The Selected Papers from the Consortium for the Study of Anomalous Phenomena (CSAP) is a line of novellas curated by editor/academic R.J. Joseph. She serves both as editor for the line and also imaginary “Crypt-Keeper,” introducing each tale as a found document and part of the fictional journal produced by the CSAP society. The first book in the series, Bleak Houses, is now available and contains two novellas from Kate Maruyama. We have also announced Errant Roots from Sonora Taylor, 12 Hours from L. Marie Wood, Hollow Tongue by Eden Royce, Asylum by Sarah Hans, His Unburned Heart by David Sandner and Bottling His Ghosts by S.H. Cooper.