We’re excited to be able to announce the novellas we’ve signed from our open call in March. Sonora Taylor really spooked us with her story Errant Roots. Because it has themes that explore family dynamics, heritage and birth rights this story fit right in to our novella line. The quick pace delivers an immersive reading experience in a short time, lots of story bang for your buck. “I love that this is such a cinematic read,” says RDSP Managing Editor Jennifer Barnes. “With this line we’re hoping to give people the feel of reading a novel without taking up a lot of their time.”

About Errant Roots

Deirdre’s family tree was never something she thought much about. For 24 years it’s just been her and her mother. But when she accidentally gets pregnant her mother insists they go back to their family roots. Now Deirdre is about to discover just what kind of sinister soil her family has sprouted from.

About the Novella Line

The Selected Papers from the Consortium for the Study of Anomalous Phenomena (CSAP) is a line of novellas curated by editor/academic R.J. Joseph. She serves both as editor for the line and also imaginary “Crypt-Keeper,” introducing each tale as a found document and part of the fictional journal produced by the CSAP society. The first book in the series, Bleak Houses, will be released on August 3rd and contains two novellas from Kate Maruyama.

About the Author

Sonora Taylor is the award-winning author of several books and short stories. Her books include Seeing Things, Little Paranoias: Stories, Without Condition, The Crow’s Gift and Other Tales, and Wither and Other Stories. She also co-edited Diet Riot: A Fatterpunk Anthology with Nico Bell. Her short stories have been published by Rooster Republic Press, Kandisha Press, Camden Park Press, Burial Day Press, Cemetery Gates Media, Tales to Terrify, Sirens Call Publications, Ghost Orchid Press, and others.

Her short stories and books frequently appear on “Best of the Year” lists. In 2020, she won two Ladies of Horror Fiction Awards: one for Best Novel (Without Condition) and one for Best Short Story Collection (Little Paranoias: Stories). In 2022, her short story, “Eat Your Colors,” was selected by Tenebrous Press to appear in Brave New Weird: The Best New Weird Horror Vol. 1.

For two years, she co-managed Fright Girl Summer, an online book festival highlighting marginalized authors, with V. Castro. She is an active member of the Horror Writers Association and serves on the board of directors of Scares That Care.

Her latest short story collection, Someone to Share My Nightmares, is now available. She lives in Arlington, Virginia, with her husband and a rescue dog.