COVER REVEAL: Bleak Houses

Lynne Hansen Brings the Gothic Vibes

To launch our new novella line we knew we’d need not just a cover but a template flexible to fit other books in the line, so we went to Lynne Hansen to develop the cover. “The design was inspired by those ornate scientific journals of the 1800’s, (think Scientific American.) I combined it with the vibe of my personal first copy of Dracula, a linen-bound books with a metallic embossed frame that highlighted some gorgeous full-color art. I wanted to recreate that feel for this series, with a little added vintage wear and tear,” explains Hansen.

“Kate Maruyama’s stories had such a great sense of place about them, that I wanted to create art that led you toward one of her ‘bleak houses’ and invited you to enter her world.” 

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About the Artist

Lynne Hansen is a horror artist who specializes in book covers.Her art has appeared on the cover of the legendary Weird Tales Magazine, and she was selected by Bram Stoker’s great-grandnephew to create the cover for the 125th Anniversary Edition of Dracula. Her clients include Valancourt Books, Cemetery Dance Publications, Thunderstorm Books and Raw Dog Screaming Press. She has illustrated works by New York Times bestselling authors including Jonathan Maberry, Brian Keene, and Christopher Golden. Her art has been commissioned and collected throughout the United States and overseas. For more information, visit

About the Book

The Selected Papers for the Study of Anomalous Phenomena is pleased to present two tales of family misadventures penned by Kate Maruyama.


Los Angeles is in lockdown, “Safer at home,” so Soledad, a college student, jumps at the opportunity to be live-in caretaker for Story, the son of an A-list celebrity. Solid pay and a change of scene are just what she needs in the pandemic. The parents are high maintenance, but she and Story form a quick bond. The dazzling lifestyle shows its dark underside when unsettling occurrences mount. Now it turns out the job that would set Soledad up for college might derail her life entirely if she decides to keep Story safer.


The Massey family has a secret and Shea, the youngest, will be the last to find out exactly what’s in the basement. She’s been training hard for her 13th year when it will finally be her turn to perform the family duty of fighting. Her older siblings won’t tell her anything, but she’s excited and ready to take all comers. Even if they had, nothing could truly prepare her for what she has to face.

These compelling explorations of dark family secrets fearlessly delve into some of today’s most relevant and troubling issues. In Safer, Maruyama explores what parents will do for a child, and what happens to outsiders in unsafe houses, while Family Solstice addresses the dangers of tradition, inheritance and the sins of the father.