Beyond the Bounds of Infinity is an anthology of cosmic horror that will feature authors from historically underrepresented groups.


This is the first book we’ve attempted to Kickstart and you may be wondering why we chose to go this route. To be brutally honest anthologies are a tough sell, everyone wants to be in them but not nearly as many want to buy them. In the 20 year history of RDSP we’ve taken on eight anthologies and most have had very special circumstances. For instance, we raised over $3000 to fight lung cancer with the Like Sunshine After Rain anthology put together by Heidi Ruby Miller and Black Cranes was a groundbreaking anthology we just couldn’t let go out of print. Sick: An Anthology of Illness was our first big seller and is still in the top 10 for all-time sales. However, the number of contributors and the necessary length make the profit margins for anthologies very slim.

While they don’t always make the best short-term business sense, anthologies are essential for a thriving indie publishing scene. They provide a place for new writers to get a start and for working writers to keep their names out there between publishing longer works They are a fantastic showcase for the best our genre has to offer and they push authors to create new and amazing stories.


Publishing Beyond the Bounds of Infinity will allow us to offer those opportunities and, as a plus, provide them to historically underrepresented authors. By Kickstarting this book we’ll be able to provide a good publishing experience and pay a better rate. We hope this will help authors add credits to their bios and build toward qualifying for the pro level of HWA membership which is why we plan to add a stretch goal of .10 cents a word.


This project goes even deeper than all that. If you’ve followed RDSP for awhile you know that we’re just two people who started our own company and didn’t have any experience other than running an online literary zine and loving stories. We learned everything by doing and that’s true of most indie publishers and editors. We want to see this scene grow in depth and diversity and the best way to do that is give other editors the chance to learn on the job. R.J. Joseph has done a stellar job of shaping our novella line and we want to continue adding to the pool of skilled editors by giving Vaughn A. Jackson and Stephanie Pearre the chance to experience an open submission call. May the Elder Gods have mercy on them.


Just believing in a thing is not enough to create change. You have to do the thing. If we want more diversity in publishing we need to provide opportunities for diverse editors and authors. We think Beyond the Bounds of Infinity is the perfect way to do that.

We’re hoping you’ll support this anthology in the generous way you’ve supported RDSP over the years. If you are able to back the project we will extoll your virtues to Dagon! We also very much appreciate any mention or signal boost you can give this project. Use this link to share: