Hitler: The Terminal Biography



Publisher’s Note: The author failed to fold my laundry in the proper manner, so I am letting the cat out of the bag—these are not actual biographies. They are closer to maps of the author’s ego than they are texts about the namesakes adorning their covers. So, if you want to read about Freud or Douglass or Hitler I suggest you do so elsewhere.

An icon of true evil, Adolf Hitler is arguably the most important figure of the twentieth century. No one has so patently demonstrated the horrific capabilities of mankind. In Hitler: The Terminal Biography, D. Harlan Wilson tracks the life of the infamous monomaniac from struggling artist to mass murderer. Based on more than ten years of archival research and German sociological study, this one-volume account covers ground previously uncharted by other biographers, drawing heavily on newfound diaries, letters, memos, and phonograph recordings of Hitler’s closest confidants as well as the Führer himself.

What They’re Saying About Hitler: The Terminal Biography

“This biographical non-biography is a fantastic (and here you can apply all the meanings of that word), funny, smart, self-referencing meta-narrative. It’s everything a book shouldn’t be, and it’s a great read because of it. It’s funky Freudian madness with a touch of Lacanian pulp.”—Gabino Iglesias for Verbicide

“Let us be clear (famous last words): The three books which comprise D. Harlan Wilson’s recently published ‘Biographizer Trilogy’…are not biographies. They are an exploration of the ideas behind Biography, in the same way being abandoned in the middle of Death Valley without food, water or a map is an exploration of the American Southwest.”—Bookriot

“Certainly not biographies in the conventional sense of the genre, these titles may not be, strictly, books, whatever those are these days. They are experiments in deconstructing the supposedly cynical matrices of literature in the Internet age…” —The Rumpus

“An extraordinary and masterful work. Wilson has written the biography to end all biographies.”
—Gideon Johnson Pillow, Professor of History and Chair of African-American Studies at the University of Fostoria

“Not only is this THE perfect biography of Adolf Hitler, it is also an explosive trek inside the mind of a most complex author and teacher at the University of Fostoria.”
—Jamie Grefe, The Mondo Vixen Massacre