Wasteland Blues



Having only ever known the uncivilized wake of nuclear and biological apocalypse, three friends–and their wheelchair-bound hostage–set out on a perilous fool’s mission: to cross from one side of the devastated United States to the other, in the desperate, half-believed hope of finding a rumored haven.

Spurred by a dark vision and the murder of their parents, rageaholic Derek Cane and his oversized, simple-minded brother Teddy flee the only home they’ve ever known, a struggling shantytown on the edge of the vast wasteland. Heading ever eastward, they are accompanied by their friend John, an orphan brought up by a fanatical religious order, and Leggy, a crippled old drunk who brags that, in his youth, he once traversed the wasteland as a scavenger.

What Are They Saying About Wasteland Blues

“Scott Christian Carr and Andrew Conry-Murray have fashioned a wasteland tale reminiscent of some of my favorite apocalyptic movies. A BOY AND HIS DOG and Cormac McCarthy’s, THE ROAD come to mind. Fans familiar with the genre will not be disappointed!” – david j. moore, Author of WORLD GONE WILD: A SURVIVOR’S GUIDE TO POST-APOCALYPTIC MOVIES

“The cross-country trek that ensues allows for the true point of this story—self-realization in times that test an individual’s breaking point and determination—to slowly emerge against a landscape comprising the very stuff of which nightmares are made.” —Madeleine Maccar for CCLaP