Greetings to you on this Day of the Dead, a special day set aside to remember those who have passed on. In that spirit we’re celebrating by sharing the news of book deal we’ve made with EV Knight for release of THE HOUSE ON THE COVER OF A HORROR NOVEL in 2024. It’s a haunting story about birth and death and the dangers of not respecting both.

“I’ve always wanted to write a ghost story but it wasn’t until I moved to Savannah, GA three years ago, that I found the inspiration,” says author EV Knight. “Cobblestone streets unchanged for centuries lead to gothic cemeteries where displaced headstones line the walls of neighboring buildings that covered over the dead as the village grew into a town, and then into a city. There are a million haunted tales to be told about this southern port city and I knew I finally had one of my own to share.”

Description for The House on the Cover of a Horror Novel

Artist Emily Lawrence receives an odd, but exciting, commission request. A famous horror author, her very favorite, wants her to create a piece that will inspire him. So she scours the town of Savannah for a worthy subject. Though it’s one of the most haunted places on earth, the task is harder than she anticipates especially after life intrudes with a longed-for pregnancy. It’s a stroke of luck when she eventually discovers the perfect subject, though maybe it’s a little too perfect? She doesn’t know it yet but this discovery will draw Emily into a shadowy world that will threaten her family, her marriage and her sanity.

On Getting Back into Writing

“It feels so good to have a book in the works again!” EV says. “I used to write a lot faster—constantly working on something. But I’ve had an ‘off year.’ They tell you to write what you know but sometimes that means opening old wounds and exposing yourself to the world at large. It can be healing, sure but it can also be a little re-traumatizing. Until I wrote Three Days in the Pink Tower, I thought I had healed and moved on from that painful part of my past, but it stirred a lot of settled muck up in my soul and it’s taken a little longer than I anticipated for all that sediment to lay back down. This novel, although set in this town I love, is purely fictional. I’m so glad to have not given up on writing (not that the ghosts of future novels would let me, I suppose).”

All About EV Knight

EV Knight is the dark horror and fantasy author of the Bram Stoker Award-winning debut novel, The Fourth Whore. An innovative writer, she focuses her dark fiction and poetry on themes of women empowerment and feminism.

She released her sophomore novel, Children of Demeter, as well as a novella, Partum, in 2021. Her novella Three Days in the Pink Tower, was released in July 2022.

EV lives in one of America’s most haunted cities—Savannah, GA. When not out searching for the ghosts of the past, EV can be found at home with her husband Matt, her beloved Chinese Crested Gozer Augustus, and their three naughty sphynx cats. Keep up with her at