BOOK DEAL: Tiny Oblivions and Mutual Self Destructions

We’re excited to announce that we’ve signed Maxwell I. Gold’s collection of cosmic horror-themed prose poetry for release in 2024. The collection is titled Tiny Oblivions and Mutual Self Destructions and is a sequel to Oblivion in Flux: A Collection of Cyber Prose.

“I’m very excited for the continuation of Oblivion in Flux,” says Gold. “This collection explores similar themes, but it is my hope that the book dives deeper, digs under the surface and makes the readers really feel a sense of awe and dread (in the best way possible). Prose poetry, I believe, offers a unique exploration into those human emotions that are both narrative and abstract and I can’t wait to share this book with readers and fans.” 

This is the first collection of prose poetry that Raw Dog Screaming has signed. “Max’s work is truly unique and we look forward to sharing his vision with our readers. I think that the feeling of being very small in a cruel, uncaring universe will resonate with so many,” says Managing Editor Jennifer Barnes.

About the Collection

Tiny Oblivions and Mutual Self Destructions weaves the anxious pall of cosmic dread with the bones of the bizarre and the strange into a new collection of weird poetry. From indescribable dimensions to the bleakest parts of our worst nightmares taking the reader back to the thrones of the Cyber Gods; the reader is transported.

In this follow up to Maxwell I. Gold’s two-time Elgin-Award nominated prose poetry collection, Oblivion in Flux: A Collection of Cyber Prose, Tiny Oblivions and Mutual Self Destructions is composed of 50 prose poems that throw us into the mouth of dead stars, through old nameless cities, and down to the inward terrors we might dare to reveal to ourselves… 

About the Author

Maxwell I. Gold is a Jewish-American multiple award-nominated author who writes prose poetry and short stories in cosmic horror and weird fiction with half a decade of writing experience. He has appeared in numerous publications including Weird Tales MagazineOther Terrors: An Inclusive Anthology, Startling Stories, and many others. Five-time Rhysling Award nominee, and two-time Pushcart Award nominee, find him at