Mykol Ranglen is Planet Hopping Again

Our sci-fi imprint, Dog Star Books, is excited to announce a forthcoming addition to the Ranglen series. We’ve signed Albert Wendland’s next novel, Haunted Stars, for release in Spring 2023. Here’s a brief description of the book:

Albert Wendland science fiction author

A mysterious discovery in space, the ruthless destruction of a cargo ship, and a desperate plea for help from a friend lead Mykol Ranglen, the hero of The Man Who Loved Alien Landscapes and In a Suspect Universe, on a dangerous interstellar quest that, if it fails, could lead to war between planets. Joining forces with a fierce young woman who survived the cargo-ship disaster and who’s bent on revenge, the two follow a trail of piracy, political conspiracy, and the perilous remains of an alien civilization to terrors and evils both human and planetary, escalating into confrontations that neither of them could ever have foreseen. 

“We’re very excited to be working with Al again. Mykol Ranglen’s world is vibrant and dangerous and we can’t wait for readers to get a chance to explore it further,” says editor Jennifer Barnes.

While readers are waiting to see what new perils Ranglen will get into they can make sure to catch up on the Ranglen story so far. While each book is a standalone adventure it’s helpful to know that the events in Haunted Stars occur after In a Suspect Universe but before The Man Who Loved Alien Landscapes. Ranglen has also composed a book of poetry that touches on events throughout the series titled Temporary Planets for Transitory Days.