The House on the Cover of a Horror Novel



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There’s something off about the house…as if it’s hiding a dark secret. That’s why artist, Emily Lawrence thinks it’s the perfect subject for a cover commissioned by a famous horror author. But that’s her little secret. Her husband, Miles, can only assume the house she is constantly sketching is her dream home. So, when Emily is sidelined by an unexpected, high-risk pregnancy, he buys it thinking it’ll be perfect for their growing family.

Immediately, Emily begins to hear voices and senses a child’s presence. Is the house haunted or is it stress getting to Emily? Her husband certainly thinks it’s all in her head. A traumatic delivery leaves Emily convinced something is terribly wrong. Miles must navigate his wife’s delicate state, and care for their newborn son, while returning to work. It’s a tenuous situation—then the baby disappears.

What They’re Saying

“A tight, traumatic thriller, you won’t want to move houses, get pregnant, or turn out the light after reading this one.”—Grady Hendrix, author of How to Sell a Haunted House

“A harrowing journey into the dark spaces within, trimmed by rotting lace and the specter of misogyny. Left me pondering long after the last page.” –KP Kulski author of Fairest Flesh and House of Pungsu

“…an intense, trippy, wholly immersive ghost story. EV Knight’s characters get in your head and under your skin. New parents, new homeowners, it’ll creep you out in the best possible way.” —Andy Davidson, author of The Hollow Kind

“Knight’s latest offering is insidious and harrowing, full of twists and terror. It’s a brilliant piece of Gothic horror.” —Scott A. Johnson, author of Through the Witches Stone

“…captures the modern anxiety of homeownership, coupled with the tense unease of new motherhood as only she can. Highly recommended for those decorating for new visitors.” —Alex Hofelich, PseudoPod

“A brilliant premise, masterfully plotted, Knight weaves a story that reads like a fever dream born of anxiety. You can’t wake up and you can’t put it down.” —Bram Stoker Award-winning author Sarah Read