Blood of the Sun



The Path of Ra Book 3

There’s been a gang massacre on Auckland’s Freyberg Wharf. Body parts everywhere. And with the police’s go-to laboratory out of action, it’s up to scientific consult Pandora (Penny) Yee to sort through the mess. It’s a hellish task, made worse by the earthquake swarms, the insufferable heat, and Cerberus’ infernal barking. And what’s got into her brother Matiu? Does it have something to do with the ship’s consignment? Or is Matiu running with the gangs again? Because if he’s involved, Penny will murder him herself…

Matiu can taste the chaos in the air. All they’ve done so far is keep it at bay, but now the streets are shuddering in protest. Things are pushing up against the veil like floodwaters. The coming days promise to be dark, but there’s a bright side. He’s got this flash new car, Penny’s been too busy working to bug him, and Erica keeps scheduling their probation meetings over her lunch hour…

Join Penny and Matiu Yee for the family reunion to end all family reunions, as the struggle between light and dark erupts across Auckland’s volcanic skyline.

What They’re Saying

“The threads of the siblings’ disparate plots weave together much more tightly than it first appears. Rabarts and Murray write with characteristic verve, injecting the noir atmosphere with dark humor. Series readers will find much to enjoy.”—Publishers Weekly

“A gripping excursion into supernatural New Zealand where the landscape is as much a character as the two leads, further cementing Lee Murray and Dan Rabarts as masters of Māori folk horror.”
—Heide Goody and Iain Grant, authors of Clovenhoof

“I’m constantly amazed when two writers can work together as well as Rabarts and Murray. They knock another one out of the park with Blood of the Sun, putting Penny and Matiu in harm’s way once more. A killer addition to the genre!”—Matt Betts, author of Carson of Venus: The Edge of All Worlds