Cries From the Static

by Darren Speegle
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    ISBN: 978-1-935738-39-8

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This collection of stories winds through the twisting streets of the unconscious mind with the grace and power of an experienced traveler. The exotic sensations of lands beyond dreamscapes and nightmares mingle with the harsh truths of reality in tales unbound by borders or convention.

Speegle’s rich, poetic language breathes life into visions that are by turn sensual, macabre, lyrical, and haunting. From the decadence of ancient Rome to the hedonistic European party scene of the modern day, from life to death and back again, these cries illuminate the supernatural lurking one step beyond and give voice to the silent truths of the heart.

What They’re Saying

“Using lyrical, often beautiful language to describe brutal things, Speegle looks deeply at the inner life of the expat in tales set all over the world. While each piece is unique, all are insidious, speculative, and unsettling.”—Booklist

“Speegle’s work is undeniably eerie, and he displays a firm grasp of the mysteries of human consciousness.”—Publishers Weekly

“Even in the midst of a declining civilization, I find hope, I find high intellect, I find literary excellence–might I say, I find literary genius. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Darren Speegle, an under-extolled intellect of highest quality, nay of brilliance.” —The Haunted Reading Room

“Speegle’s stories are impressively literate, intelligent and highly imaginative.”

“You don’t just read about the places, you experience them, the people, and the entities that inhabit them. Darren Speegle has the ability to capture your soul, and slowly release it back to you, with merely a few scars.”—Midwest Book Review

“…one of the most intriguing voices active in genre fiction.”—Cemetery Dance