Garden of Eldritch Delights



Master short story author Lucy A. Snyder is back with a dozen chilling, thought-provoking tales of Lovecraftian horror, dark science fiction, and weird fantasy. Her previous two collections received Bram Stoker Awards and this one offers the same high-caliber, trope-twisting prose. Snyder effortlessly creates memorable monsters, richly imagined worlds and diverse, unforgettable characters.

Open this book and you’ll find a garden of stories as dark and heady as black roses that will delight fans of complex, intelligent speculative fiction.

What They’re Saying

“Garden of Eldritch Delights, a horror story collection by a modern master of the form, Lucy A. Snyder, offers explosive tales of trauma and survival.”—Library Journal

“Superbly creepy…”–Publishers Weekly on “Blossoms Blackened Like Dead Stars”

“This story features some serious vampires. Well done.”–Cemetery Dance on “The Yellow Death”

“Snyder’s piece subtly lures you in on the waves…Charmingly cryptic to the end.”–Reviewer Glenn Rolfe on “Sunset on Mott Island”

“(O)ne of the best of the anthology…unforgettable.”–The Horror Fiction Review on “The Gentleman Caller”

Table of Contents:

That Which Does Not Kill You

Sunset on Mott Island

The Gentleman Caller

Executive Functions

The Yellow Death

Santa Muerte

Dark of the Moon


A Noble Endeavor

Blossoms Blackened Like Dead Stars

A Hero of Grünjord

The Warlady’s Daughter