In a Suspect Universe

by Albert Wendland
  • $15.95 Paperback
    ISBN: 978-1-947879-05-8

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In this prequel to The Man Who Loved Alien Landscapes we discover what Mykol Ranglen has kept buried in his past. It’s a mystery of ancient galactic secrets, an adventure on colonized alien worlds, a romance in distant star systems, and a dark and sinister planetary noir that disturbs all he’s known about his universe.
He must decide just how far he’ll go to keep the planet of his dreams and the future he desires. What he learns about his world, and what he has to do to save it—and to save himself—will haunt him forever.

What They’re Saying

“Working with the psychological implications of identity, transformation, and perception, Wendland tangles up the characters and worlds in loops of time and space….The resolution of his emotional and intellectual dilemmas of dealing with Alchera and the Airafane gives a solid sense of closure that new and returning readers appreciate.”—Publishers Weekly

“…an engrossing and ever-expanding world full of both breathtaking beauty and cosmic horror. In A Suspect Universe is sure to please not only fans of his earlier work but any general sf reader looking to indulge in their sense of wonder.”  —Booklist