• Novella Deal: Asylum by Sarah Hans

    Our fourth novella deal is with Sarah Hans for her story Asylum. Editor R.J. Joseph says, “Hans created a lead character in Ashleigh who leapt off the page in the first few lines. Her authorial voice cannot be denied and it was the authenticity and palpable longing this voice perpetuated that had me in its… View Article

  • BOOK DEAL: Let Me Tell You a Story

    Tim Waggoner is back with more writing tips for dark fiction Our non-fiction imprint, Guide Dog Books, has signed a new book from Tim Waggoner in the award-winning Writing in the Dark series! This series has a lot of momentum right now since the second book, Writing in the Dark: The Workbook, just won a… View Article

  • NOVELLA DEAL: Hollow Tongue by Eden Royce

    Our third novella deal is a very exciting one. We are so pleased to announce that we’ve signed Eden Royce’s novella Hollow Tongue! This is one creepy story that we think readers are going to love. Novella line editor R.J. Joseph says, “The thing that initially struck me about Royce’s story was how effortlessly her… View Article