• BOOK DEAL: Tiny Oblivions and Mutual Self Destructions

    We’re excited to announce that we’ve signed Maxwell I. Gold’s collection of cosmic horror-themed prose poetry for release in 2024. The collection is titled Tiny Oblivions and Mutual Self Destructions and is a sequel to Oblivion in Flux: A Collection of Cyber Prose. “I’m very excited for the continuation of Oblivion in Flux,” says Gold. “This… View Article

  • BOOK DEAL: The House on the Cover of a Horror Novel by EV Knight

    Greetings to you on this Day of the Dead, a special day set aside to remember those who have passed on. In that spirit we’re celebrating by sharing the news of book deal we’ve made with EV Knight for release of THE HOUSE ON THE COVER OF A HORROR NOVEL in 2024. It’s a haunting… View Article

  • BOOK DEAL: Eynhallow

    We are extremely pleased to announce that we have signed Tim McGregor’s historical horror novel EYNHALLOW for release early next year. “Of course it’s fantastic to be working with Tim on another project because our collaboration on Wasps in the Ice Cream this year went so well, but I’m especially excited about this novel,” says… View Article