Chasing Whispers



Chasing Whispers is a finalist for the Foreword Indies, has been shortlisted for the British Science Fiction Award and was on the 2022 Locus Recommended List

Chasing Whispers is a unique Afro-irrealist collection of Black speculative fiction in transformative stories of culture, longing, hybridity, unlimited futures, a collision of worlds and folklore. It contains 13 stories, 11 of which are original, with a commanding introduction by D. Harlan Wilson. The collection is aligned with the themes of Eugen Bacon’s other fiction, and her recognition in the honor list of the 2022 Otherwise Fellowships for “doing exciting work in gender and speculative fiction.”

Chasing Whispers casts a gaze at mostly women and children haunted by patriarchy, in stories packed with affection, dread, anguish and hope. The connecting theme is a black protagonist with a deep longing for someone, someplace, something… and a recurring phrase in each story: “a deep and terrible sadness.”

What They’re Saying

“Described as Afro-irrealist speculative fiction, Bacon’s newest story collection makes a lasting impression, delivering unique takes on body horror, technological advances, and existential dread.”—Booklist, starred review

“In some ways, these are not stories, but emotions made flesh…Chasing Whispers is an emotive, immersive short story collection whose entries trade between being entertaining and thought provoking.” —Foreword Reviews

“A new star is born in the emerald skies of Fantasy, and its name is Eugen Bacon.” —Nuzo Onoh, Queen of African Horror

Chasing Whispers challenges the reader both in form and content. Bacon speculates with the form of the short story just as much as the stories blend together African folklore and the modern world. SF readers are frequently travellers in the past, present and future. We are all invited to explore the uncertaintes of humanity in this engaging collecton of short stories from Bacon.”—The BSFA Review