Haunted Stars



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A mysterious discovery in space, the ruthless destruction of a cargo ship, and a desperate plea for help from a friend lead Mykol Ranglen, the hero of The Man Who Loved Alien Landscapes and In a Suspect Universe, on a dangerous interstellar quest that, if it fails, could lead to war between planets. Joining forces with a fierce young woman who survived the cargo-ship disaster and who’s bent on revenge, the two follow a trail of piracy, political conspiracy, and the perilous remains of an alien civilization to terrors and evils both human and planetary, escalating into confrontations that neither of them could ever have foreseen.

Praise for the Series

“Working with the psychological implications of identity, transformation, and perception, Wendland tangles up the characters and worlds in loops of time and space…”—Publishers Weekly

“…an engrossing and ever-expanding world full of both breathtaking beauty and cosmic horror. In A Suspect Universe is sure to please not only fans of his earlier work but any general sf reader looking to indulge in their sense of wonder.”  Booklist

“I’ve always been easily immersed in Al’s writing. It’s how he turns mystery into hope and awe, his ability to tame the sublime, and the way he can use story to show us the value and excitement of ideas that are far from what we can imagine in this time and this space.”—Heidi Ruby Miller author of the Ambasadora series