Steel Legacy – Steel Empires Book 7



Limani is the only home Toria has ever known. She may have left behind the mercenary life to embark upon a career in academia, but she will never forget her training as a warrior-mage. Not when she’ll always carry the mental and emotional scars earned along with her prestige.

Victory did not begin her long life in Limani, but she has claimed the city as her home. After a century as vampire Master of the City, she will not hesitate to use either word or blade to defend it against all enemies. Using her newfound and disconcerting magic? That’s a different matter entirely.

However, the world is on the brink of massive change as the empires surrounding Limani develop increasingly dangerous technological and magical weapons. Victory may not have a choice when the answer to protecting Limani involves joining with others to harness magic never seen before.

But all power comes at a cost. When mother and daughter collide over the best way to wield it, will one they both love pay the ultimate price?