2004 Gallery Neptune Reading

July 10th, 2004RDSP sponsored a reading in conjunction with the “The Language of Our Surreality” exhibit of David Wallace’s collage artwork.
Artist David Wallace, thereminist Arthur Harrison, author John Edward Lawson
John read his trademark brand of mind altering poetry, including several poems based on David Wallace’s works

The Difficult Resolution
by David Wallace
“The Difficult Resolution”
by John Edward LawsonPut your ear to her
mouth—what do you hear?
The breaking waves
of self-admiration crashing,
shattering, a hundred shards
of opulence clawing
like ravenous shellfish skuttling
into your bank vault
Author D. Harlan Wilson
Arthur provided accompaniment for some of the poems and a musical interlude on the theremin
D. Harlan Wilson read from both of his books; A Stranger on the Loose and The Kafka EffektIt appears from the photos that a stranger was indeed on the loose and he attended the reading!