2004 World Horror Convention

100 Jolts was an electrifying sensation which kept Mike Arnzen busy doing readings, signings & participating in panels.

Then again, maybe he just had too much coffee and not nearly enough sleep.
WHC was great and we stuck our Raw Dog nose in everywhere.So did Thunder, the con’s only four legged attendee.

Weston Ochse
Between John’s panel on the small press, Vincent’s reading, Kevin & Carlton’s entries in the gross-out contest and Weston’s suit we were kept entertained.

John Lawson, Vincent Sakowski

Kevin Donihe, Carlton Mellick
The Raw Dog party was howling fun. We gave out plenty of goodies in our SICK bags including bookmarks, stickers and a bottle of perscription pills in case anyone was feeling ill.
We also got to meet a lot of people for the first time including authors Simon Wood and Chesya Burke.
As always it was great to see Matt & Deena Warner.Deena’s paintings in the artshow were real eye-openers but I’ll never see Matt the same way after hearing his second place entry in the gross-out contest.