2007 World Horror Convention/Bram Stoker Awards Banquet

March 29th – April 1st, 2007
Although The Troublesome Amputee didn’t win the Stoker Award for poetry it was an honor to have the book included on the ballot. During the weekend so many people we respect and admire expressed their support for John’s poetry and for RDSP that we really felt our hard work had been recognized.

Special thanks go to Donna Lynch and Steve Archer who helped us out at the dealer’s table. A lot of exciting publishing possibilities were discussed over the weekend and only time will tell what projects will grow from those seeds.

Jennifer gets a charming new friend
Mike Arnzen reads some of the pieces that will be included on his CD Audiovile


John admires Jeremy Lassen’s pimpin’ Night Shade stylee
John practices his Stoker acceptance speech, unfortunately he didn’t get a chance to give the speech. Aren’t you just dying to know what he was going to say?
John Edward Lawson with poet and editor Stephen Wilson
Mike Arnzen and Jennifer Barnes, don’t they clean up nice?
Fran Friel (nominated in the long fiction category) gives John a consolation prize at the winners and losers party, a rubber ducky.
Poet and author Donna Lynch pays tribute to Cthuhlu in the parking garage of the hotel.
Artist and musician Steve Archer working on some Egolikeness tracks in the hotel lobby.