2012 The Morgantown Poets Host an RDSP Book Party

May 25, 2012

The Morgantown Poets hosted RDSP authors Jason Jack Miller and Michael Arnzen at the MAC and we pretty much packed a whole weekend of fun into one night. First we dined and moonshined at Black Bear Burritos. Then we convened for a reading from Hellbender by Jason Jack Miller and poetry from The Gorelets Omnibus (among other things) by Michael Arnzen. The afterparty that Heidi Ruby Miller threw was truly lengendary (so much so that the pictures had to be redacted).

A thousand thanks go to Scott Emerson for setting up the event. It was also great to meet Bruce Siskawicz, Becca Baker, Dan McTaggart, Stephanie Wytovich, S.A. Check, B.C. Furtney, Jessica McHugh and her husband Dave. Morgantown will never be the same!

Jason Jack Miller, Sandy Miller, Becca Baker, Bruce Siskawicz, Dan McTaggart, Michael Arnznen, BIll Hamilton, Jennifer Barnes. Stephanie Wytonvich at Black Bear Burritos.

Bill Racicot

Bruce Siskawicz, Dan McTaggart, Jason Jack Miller. Photo courtesy of Michael Arnzen, gorelets.com

Michael Arnzen, Bill Hamilton, Dan McTaggert, Stephanie Wytovich, Heidi Ruby Miller, Becca Baker, Jennifer Barnes, Jason Jack Miller, In the Back: Scott Emerson, Bruce Siskawicz

Jason Jack Miller signs Hellbender for Dan McTaggart

B.C. Furtney gets a copy of The Gorelets Omnibus signed by Michael Arnzen

Moonshine and good friends. Photo courtesy of Michael Arnzen, gorelets.com