Harold Jaffe is the author of ten fiction and creative nonfiction volumes and four novels.  These publications include: Jesus Coyote, (2008) 15 Serial Killers (2003) and Terror-Dot-Gov (2005) from RDSP, Beyond the Techno-Cave: A Guerrilla Writer’s Guide to Post-Millennial Culture, (2007) False Positive, (2002), Sex for the Millennium (1999), Othello Blues (1996), Straight Razor (1995), Eros Anti-Eros (1990), Madonna and Other Spectacles (1988) and Beasts (1986).

Jaffe’s fiction has appeared in numerous journals and has been widely anthologized. His novels and stories have been translated into German, Japanese, Spanish, French, and Czech. Jaffe is editor-in-chief of Fiction International and Professor of Creative Writing and Literature at San Diego State.