2004 HorrorFind

This was definitely the biggest gathering of Raw Dog members to date.

John, Jennifer, Darren Speegle, Ron Malfi, Darin Malfi


I’ve been told the Horror Poetry Jam was even better than last year and thanks to Jon Hodges we’ve got tons of great pics.

The readings were excellent this time around. Mike & Gerard really brought down the house.

Michael A. Arnzen

Gerard Houarner
Linda Addison & John Edward Lawson 
Darren Speegle came all the way from Germany to do his first reading and meet Matt Schwartz (among others).
Matt Schwartz, Darren Speegle
Walter Goralski finished his story-mobile just in time to drive from Phoenix to Baltimore. 

The car is inscribed with his story Repossed and caused quite a stir in the hotel parking lot.

RDSP is the sponsor of this wild ride.
John and St. Michael discovered they had more in common than height, glasses and hair. Witness the first meeting of the Oneroid Psychosis fan club.