2007 Context 20

Columbus, OH • Sept. 28th-30th, 2007

Michael Arnzen was the horror Guest of Honor for Context 20 and an excellent choice since he was able to entertain with his readings and even screen Exquisite Corpse, the collection of shorts based on his stories. They also played Driving the Sick Elephant, one of the tracks from Audiovile. D. Harlan Wilson was also in attendance.

Thanks to Heidi Ruby Miller who took photos to immortalize the event. Visit her LiveJournal page for a complete con report.

Horror Guest of Honor Interview

Tim Esaias, Jason Jack Miller, Jason Schmetzer, and Mike Arnzen

D. Harlan Wilson addresses the panel on Science Fiction in Comics

Arnzen studying his notebook during the convention.

“I can’t believe I actually wrote THAT!”