2007 ZombieFest

Monroeville, PA • Oct. 27-28

The 2007 Zombiefest broke the Guiness Record for the largest Zombie walk ever. This was the first time that they held a convention along with the walk and it was a blast. There were zombies EVERYWHERE!

RDSP was in full effect with six authors on hand. The debut of A Child’s Guide to Death stirred up a lot of interest. Mike Arnzen’s reading and panel participation also garnered lots of attention and he was even interviewed for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Special thanks to Becca and Chris for making this event fun and no-hassle.

Mike Arnzen, friend to all Zombiekind

RDSP in effect

Chris Danaher & Mike Arnzen

Buy the book…or else!


Mike and the fabulously helpful Becca

All you third graders look out, these guys are ready to rumble.

Susan & Keith Gwillim as the Herminie & Harry Potter Zombies

Greg Lamberson, Scott Johnson & Mike Arnzen on the panel

Scott Johnson

The convention was held in an actual convention center so the booths were fantastic.

The RDSP table was a popular Zombie hangout

How do you make that dog shadow puppet thing again?