2008 SheVaCon

Roanoke, VA • Feb. 22-24

SheVaCon is a nice change of pace from the usual cons that we attend. People there are serious about their games! Just like last year the place was crawling with Storm Troopers from Garrison Tyranus, 501st Legion. Our authors were on a number of interesting panels and we even captured an interview with D. Harlan Wilson on video.

Watch a video interview with D. Harlan Wilson conducted at SheVaCon about his upcoming novel Blankety Blank.

D. Harlan Wilson, Razor Whitewolf, John Edward Lawson, Rod Belcher

John Edward Lawson and D. Harlan Wilson in the dealer’s room

We met lots of cool people, some were better conversationalists than others.

I wanna be a Storm Trooper when I grow up!