2011 Bram Stoker Weekend

June 16th-19th, 2011

RDSP author Michael A. Arnzen recently attended the Bram Stoker Awards weekend and was kind enough to get some shots of fellow RDSP authors. The festivities included Arnzen’s workshop:  “Horror Unbound: Pushing Your Reader Off the Ledge” and a panel titled “Pellets of Poison” where 100 Jolts and Gorelets were discussed. Ronald Malfi did a reading and book signing. Deena Warner, who designed our web site and some of our covers was the Artist Guest of Honor. You can see his full con report and even more pictures here.

RDSP author Matthew Warner and his wife Deena Warner (Artist Guest of Honor). Aren’t they a lovely couple?

Michael A. Arnzen during the programming.

Ronald Malfi and his wife Debbie.

Arnzen visits the Amityville Horror house. Looks like a nice neighborhood!