2012 ReaderCon

July 19-22 2012

RDSP and Pink Narcissus Press once again shared a table at Readercon. It was a busy weekend for John from since he was on three panels (on Digital Collaboration for Readers, Transhumanism, Queer/Were), did a reading and hosted a room party. As always there were lots of talented and interesting people to meet and talk to but maybe the most notable meeting was meeting RDSP author Jeffrey Thomas after knowing and working with him for nearly 10 years.

Jeffrey Thomas and John Edward Lawson meet for the first time.

Panel on Transhumanism 

John Edward Lawson reads from SuiPsalms

Rose Mambert and John Edward Lawson

John Edward Lawson and Heather Fowler

Lyle Blake Smythers and Rose Mambert at the table in the dealer’s room

John and John