Party Girl Film Shoot

July 18-19, Corsicana, TX

RDSP authors Dustin LaValley and John Edward Lawson traveled to Corsicana, TX to take part in the filming of LaValley’s short story, Party Girl. They joined director Jaysen Densman, special FX guru Evil John Mays and lead actors Candace Porter and Tom Young plus many others to bring this gruesome tale to film. LaValley and Lawson were also some of Party Girl‘s many victims.

The Corsicana Daily Sun even did an article on Party Girl film shoot. For even more pictures and info about Party girl visit its myspace page:

Dustin LaValley prepares for his throat to be cut
(all pictures courtesy Glenna Flippin/Rebecca Edwards)

Evil John Mays gives new meaning to the “face peel” treatment. Jackie Bibby did double duty as the snake handler on set and victim.

John Edward Lawson hangs out on set with a Burmese python, one of two snakes used in the filming of the movie.

Dead Dustin and Party Girl Candace Porter

John becomes another victim of Party Girl