Codename Prague



Since he assassinated the Nowhere Man, Vincent Prague hasn’t been the same, haunted by the ontological impossibility of the kill. His celebrity status has skyrocketed, however, and everybody wants a piece of him. The MAP (Ministry of Applied Pressure) promotes him to Anvil-in-Chief, the catbird’s seat of special agents. Under the so-stupid-it’s-genius alias of “Vincent Codename Prague,” he works a case that leads him to the Former Czech Republik’s Prague, a dark cirque du city where androids run wild, femme fatales chronically manhandle him, and a mad chef named Doktor Teufelsdröckh has created a Hitler/Keats/Daikaiju hybrid that would make Frankenstein’s monster sing like a Von Trapp … In an overtechnologized world of constant reckoning, all Vincent has are his wits, his weapons, and a briefcase full of replaceable extremities to crack a mysterious code that, he soon discovers, resides within himself.

Book II of the Scikungfi trilogy with an introduction by Steve Aylett, award-winning author of SlaughtermaticToxicology, LINT, The Caterer and many others.

What They’re Saying About Codename Prague

“In this second installment of his scikungfi trilogy (after “Dr. Identity”), Wilson ups his creative ante with new bursts of stream of cyber consciousness prose to rival Gilbert Sorrentino (“Mulligan Stew”) and William Burroughs (“Naked Lunch”). With the cinematic feel of “Pulp Fiction” and a sound slap at modern culture, this should attract a select audience that appreciates metafiction and pulp action.”
Library Journal

“By the time Codename Prague dukes it out with the monster at the Bruce Lee Funpark, staffed with Bruce Lee androids ranging from Teletubby BLs to those “with Doc Oc tentacles,” complete with a “West Side Story finger-snapping sequence in silhouette,” readers will conclude that their bewilderment means (if anything in fact means anything) that they need to read this book again.”

“The novel blasts you like the glass that was sandblasted in my old house. It grates against you, sloughing off all your lazy thoughts and unrealised dreams. It wills you to live. It fills you full of something like the joy people vaguely remember to have experienced at least once as a child.”
decomp magazine

“…the novel’s nonstop action and refreshing lack of pretensions make the book a mind-bending and rewarding read not only for science fiction and kung fu film aficionados, but also for literary critics, Bizarro fans, and readers who are interested in outlandish, experimental science fiction. This is Wilson writing at the top of his game.”
Pedestal Magazine

Codename Prague is a mashup of science, insanity, mad scientists, short-tempered special agents, epic Scorsese character battles, a Frankenstein monster that is part Adolf Hitler, part John Keats, and a fistful of ultra-violent chop suey.”

“D. Harlan Wilson’s latest novel is a highly-polished, really weird and (sometimes) really funny example of metafiction.”
Small Press Reviews

“When technology lurks everywhere, it’s all too easy to come out missing a few limbs….Blending spy fiction with science fiction, Codename Prague is a fun read that should prove hard to put down.”
Midwest Book Review

“Characters you can hate as much as identify with, a story that leaves even the protagonist asking ‘what was that all about?’ and a smooth full-bodied finish. Codename Prague is quality bizarro from one of the masters.”
—Emory Barrett Pueschel

“This novel is from the wild edge of science fiction, in the tradition of Philip K. Dick’s Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch—fast, smart, funny, and full of a scarily plausible vision of just how weird things could get if we take our biological fate into our own hands.”
—Kim Stanley Robinson, Nebula, Hugo, Locus, BSFA and John W. Campbell Award-winning author of the Mars trilogy, the Three Californias trilogy, and The Years of Rice and Salt
“This intense mixture of giddy activity, cyberpunk essences, avant fusion and social satire may make your head spin at an accelerated rate. Actual brain damage is unlikely, in most cases.”
—John Shirley, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Black Glass: The Lost Cyberpunk Novel, Constantine and Black Butterflies
“Codename Prague is a thrill-a-minute combination of James Bond, Robert Ludlum, and cyberpunk, set in a dangerous, erotic, and not-as-distant-as-you’d-wish future.”
—Mike Resnick, Nebula and Hugo Award-winning author of 100+ novels, collections, anothologies and nonfiction books
“Who IS this guy?”
—Pat Cadigan, Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning author of Synners and Fools